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Nave Ugg Boot

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Sizing Guide

It is best to measure your foot to get the best fit for you. Your bigger bare foot (usually your right) length measured from heel to top of the big toe. The best way to measure your foot is to place your bare foot against the wall, use a pencil to mark the top of your toe and the bottom of your heel.

Size Bare Foot Length US Ladies US Mens UK (LADIES) Euro (LADIES)
4 21.8 cm 8.6" 4 3 2.5 35
5 22.6 cm 8.9" 5 4 3 36
6 23.5 cm 9.3" 6 5 4 37
7 24.3 cm 9.6" 7 6 5 38
8 25.1 cm 9.9" 8 7 6 39
9 26 cm 10.3" 9 8 6.5 40
10 26.8 cm 10.6" 10 9 7.5 41
11 27.7 cm 10.9" 11 10 8 42
12 28.5 cm 11.2" 12 11 9 43
13 29.3 cm 11.5" 13 12 10 44
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Nave – The perfect dosage of studs and fur, all in one.

There's nothing like a couple of studs to add some edge to your overall look or a touch of fur to add some luxe vibes and with the Nave incorporating both details in its design, it certainly is a pair not to be overlooked. Hailing from Koalabi's latest footwear range, the Nave isn't only about style but comfort as well.

The boots are crafted out of grade A leather with the exterior of the top enveloped in silky sheepskin tuscana fur, making it extremely comfy to be worn and absolutely soft to the touch. The leather heel counter also offers more support and adds more years to the shelf life of the Nave.

Measuring 25 cm from heel to top, the boots also feature a leather strap and distinctive buckle on the front and a drawstring pull cord, coupled with a cord stop, so that adjustments can be made to comfortably suit your own calf size.If comfort and style isn't enough to convince you about the Nave, then its versatility just might. While the boots are made to brave the winter chills and not so much the heat waves of summer, they're flexible style-wise and are definitely easy to incorporate in almost any look.


9.8" or 25cm high from sole to the top. Tuscana Sheepskin fur Trim, leather strap with logo buckle on the front and a drawstring pull cord,. 

Made from 100% luxurious Australian Double Faced Sheepskin. Real Tuscana Sheepskin fur Trim.
Flexible & lightweight blown EVA. Long wearing, high traction rubber, to keep you grounded.

* Colours May Vary Between Illustration and Actual Colour 




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